Water Treatment

BurrowX offers comprehensive water treatment solutions to customers seeking reliable results from their water process. This includes water sampling, system design, equipment supply, system integration, chemical supply and remote diagnostic reporting.


  • Our assets

Globally recognized databases and models, continuously developed and enhanced through market and client requirements, research programs and in-house R&D.

  • Our people

Senior energy experts, with solid business and academic backgrounds, constantly interacting with the market, our clients and energy research networks all across the globe. A dedicated and international team of experienced energy analysts, economists and modelling specialists. For field insight: a global network of associate consultants in emerging and developed countries.

  • Our approach

We approach every problem with proven problem solving tactics developed from Lean Six Sigma. We develop a deep understanding of your needs and challenges. We collaborate with our global team to coordinate the best solution for our clients.

  • Our clients

Global and local energy companies, government bodies, international and national development agencies and banks, intergovernmental and company organisations.


Areas of Expertise

Portable Tank Exchange

We offer the most economical and reliable service unit type for their application, water quality requirements and demand. DI Water tanks can be provided on an as needed basis, a scheduled frequency or as part of a broader preventative maintenance service for your water system. We handle everything from installation to service and take pride in having a strong service culture that focuses on quality and customer satisfaction.

Preventative Maintenance Service

BurrowX offers scheduled Preventative Maintenance services to prevent downtime and increase system performance that frees up manpower and allows you to focus on your core business. Reports on your system performance along with any suggested action items will be provided to you after each service visit.

Design & Fabrication

BurrowX has a talented staff of mechanical, chemical and application engineers that design and build water systems in-house for our customer's specific applications.


We can readily troubleshoot and audit water treatment systems to find areas for water savings, increased efficiency and expert advice to solve difficult water treatment problems.

System Sanitizations

BurrowX can provide system sanitizations to control microbiological growth in ultra pure water systems.

Operator Training

We can train your operators in water treatment theory and equipment operation to ensure that you have a well-trained staff.

Laboratory Analysis

 *Depending on your location


Reverse Osmosis

  • Multi-disciplinary energy studies.

  • Energy market studies and strategies for companies and governments.

  • Detailed analysis of energy demand and supply for all energy sources and sectors.

  • Analysis of energy supply options including technical, financial, geopolitical and other relevant elements.

  • Elaboration of energy feasibility studies.

  • Due diligence studies


Water Softening 

  • Analysis of national GHG strategies, definition of concrete implementation measures and the impact quantification of these strategies.

  • Definition of GHG emission objectives and configuration of carbon markets.

  • Evaluation and strategic analysis of energy demand and efficiency as well as its impacts on CO2 emissions.

  • Detailed simulation of carbon markets (local and global), energy and CO2 prices.

  • Support to governments for energy transition and climate negotiations.