Steam path audit

BurrowX assisted in performing a critical steam path audit for a 25 MW Biomass facility in California. The steam path audit was a joint effort from BurrowX and the Plant Engineer.

BurrowX provided the equipment and analytics to perform determine where steam and heat was being lost from the system. We used FCYCLE Software to show the client other areas of deficiencies with their GE Steam Turbine.

Steam turbines typically suffer performance losses from:

  • Steam leakage around buckets and nozzles

  • Increased friction or surface roughness

  • Aerodynamic contour changes

  • Stage energy redistribution due to area changes

Additional Benefits from the audit: 

  • Recover lost performance by increasing turbine efficiency and kW output

  • Reduce fuel costs through recoverable performance gains and associated fuel savings

  • Avoid lengthy, unplanned outages with spare parts ordering recommendations

  • Optimize O&M strategies by identifying and prioritizing replacements/ repairs, recommending operating interval and determining most cost-effective repair methods

  • Enhance plant reliability through recommendations to restore turbine performance