Simulation Services

Is your facility operating at 100% of its capacity?
How does your operations compare to others in your industry?
Would you like to get your process simulated? But can’t afford the simulation software?
Do you want to make more data driven decisions in your operation?
Do you want to evaluate equipment performance before the purchase?
Have you tried to license expensive simulation software to only not know how to use it?


Improve CAPEX & OPEX

Consider capital cost (CAPEX) estimates and operating cost (OPEX) estimates in design, not after. Analyze the economics of process schemas during the early stages of process design.

Start considering capital cost (CAPEX)  and operating cost (OPEX) earlier in design. Understand the economics of process schemas during the early stages of process design.

Employ seamless, integrated tools for costing, energy management, safety analysis and equipment design. Get visual insights with a modern user interface for today's engineers.

Data Driven Operations

Increase throughput and operating efficiency through data-driven decisions enabled by plant calibrated predictive models in an operator friendly interface.

Linking proven engineering models to conditioned real-time plant data allows monitoring of  key equipment and model alignment providing real-time operational insight.

Make decisions with easy-to-use visualization. Use online models to guide better operating decisions for columns, exchangers and rotating equipment.



Proactive Power generation

Ensure peak availability, reliability and flexibility using predictive and prescriptive analytics from the world’s leading supplier of asset optimization software solutions.

Manage risk and create relevant valuation models to accurately predict the life remaining on expensive capital parts.

Say goodbye to scheduled and reactive O&M, while ensuring optimum safety, startup and operation.

Stay a step ahead of challenges with equipment such as bearings, gearboxes, inverters, trackers, transformers and switchgear.


Cost Saving Water Treatment

Industries that run capital equipment almost 24x7 must be wary of downtime. Powered by machine learning and statistical analysis, APM solutions flag early warnings of unexpected failure. By minimizing preventive and corrective maintenance, there’s an unlimited potential for increased profits.