Burrowx Overview

We dedicate ourselves to learning every facet of our client's problem and because of this dedication we've solved problems and developed patents in the agricultural, pharmaceutical and automotive industry. We provide a mix of research insights backed with industry experience to ensure a practical solution to our client's problems.


Research Services

BurrowX’s Research is planned, creative work aimed at discovering new knowledge or developing new or significantly improved goods and services. Our clients typically ask us to assess commercial applications, solve a specific problem, or produce a new and novel product. We strive to combine the powers of science, technologies, and the human imagination and develop products to improve human life.


Product Development

From concept to product, we design consult and build your product in house with state of the art prototyping technology.  We provide the following services to our clients: Sketch models, Mock Ups, Form Study Models, Proof of Concept models and Visual Models.


Batch Formulations

Our custom batch formulation development services help entrepreneurs, manufacturers, and distributors turn their innovative product ideas into an on-the-shelf product. BurrowX have worked with companies of all sizes from entrepreneurial start-ups looking to create their first product to fortune 500 companies starting a new product line.