Organic Pesticide Development for Grub Control (2 month turnaround time)

BurrowX, through extensive research and collaboration, has developed an organic pesticide to control the grubs with 70% efficacy for 4 weeks.

Commercially available pesticides have been known to affect insects outside of its target range, cause runoff into rivers and water streams near it, and affect humans and small children. 

BurrowX's goal was to provide the highest efficacy of natural grub control to attack each mode of the grub life cycle without the adverse effects listed above. Grub eggs are laid beneath the earth, and the larvae burrow themselves out from under the earth, ingesting nutrients from the soil along the way. The larvae will ingest the bio insecticide along the way, killing it within days.

BurrowX was able to accomplish this by encapsulating a naturally toxic biological species in cellulose, and engineering the release of these capsules overtime to ensure complete coverage of the lawn that it was applied to. 

BurrowX is currently finalizing licensing agreements for this patent to industry experts. Please contact us if you are interested in implemented an innovative organic pesticide to your lawns!

Laron Burrows