Direct Contact Freezing using Liquid Nitrogen (3 week turnaround time)

BurrowX was consulted to research the direct contact freezing of water using Liquid Nitrogen. This was done by developing a MATLAB simulation to calculate the population balance equations that govern the crystallization mechanisms within the system.

As global energy demand increases continuously, liquid natural gas (LNG) has became a preferred energy resource in many parts of the world. In LNG industry link, LNG is generally regasfied to be supplied to end users. In the evaporation process, LNG is heated by seawater, while the cooling seawater is discharged into the sea. It does not only result in energy waste, but also causes environmental impacts on the adjacent sea areas. At present, a big investment is required to develop cold energy utilization of LNG, in order to improve economy of the industry and reduce environmental pollution.

BurrowX simulated a new idea that is direct contact seawater freezing desalination using cold energy of LNG. This energy saving type of desalination process is likely to be put to practical use to cope with a potential shortage of water.

BurrowX have studied the nucleation rate of Liquid Nitrogen in water with varying salinity to better replicate the resulting system. 

BurrowX completed this research within 1 month without prior knowledge of the client's problems or field of study.