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Research Projects

Water Recovery & Treatment Plant Using Carbon Nanotubes (1 month turnaround time)

BurrowX has been consulted to develop technology that can economically capture and treat the steam to produce process-quality water could reduce plant operating costs by decreasing the potable water input and improve the ecological footprint of dry snacks manufacturing.

To do this BurrowX implemented an innovative system comprised of Carbon Nanotubes to recovery, and treat the plant's water to the conditions recommended by the World Health Organization.

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Laron Burrows
Organic Pesticide Development for Grub Control (2 month turnaround time)

BurrowX, through extensive research and collaboration, has developed an organic pesticide to control the grubs with 70% efficacy for 4 weeks.

Commercially available pesticides have been known to affect insects outside of its target range, cause runoff into rivers and water streams near it, and affect humans and small children. 

BurrowX's goal was to provide the highest efficacy of natural grub control to attack each mode of the grub life cycle without the adverse effects listed above. 

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Laron Burrows
Direct Contact Freezing using Liquid Nitrogen (3 week turnaround time)

BurrowX was consulted to research the direct contact freezing of water using Liquid Nitrogen. This was done by developing a MATLAB simulation to calculate the population balance equations that govern the crystallization mechanisms within the system.

BurrowX simulated a new idea that is direct contact seawater freezing desalination using cold energy of LNG. This energy saving type of desalination process is likely to be put to practical use to cope with a potential shortage of water.

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