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If you can think it, we can build it.

Have a new product idea that requires custom chemical formulation? Let us handle the dirty work while you can focus on positioning your product, raising funds and finding customers.  

Prototypes are a key tool in the product development process because they can save significant time and expense. Every inventor should work with an exceptionally skilled prototype engineer and an experienced prototype company.

BurrowX fully equipped prototype shop lets us quickly build and test the important components of your consumer product to make sure that reality can match your dream. Once the main product features have been tested and confirmed, we are able to do detailed design and engineering work on our solidworks 3D CAD software so that all the parts can be seen from every angle. We can also do product styling to create beautiful life­like renderings of the product.

We start with a Feasibility Study. The feasibility study helps you determine if your consumer product can be made with current technology, and if it has the potential to sell in the marketplace. The feasibility study also includes a preliminary estimate of how much the product will cost to make and a determination of its retail price, based on the cost of production.