Mechanical  Engineering Projects

Computational Fluid Dynamics has became increasingly more useful in solving industry problems and analyzing design failures.  However, it is a time intensive process for the plant engineers to do along with their daily work. BurrowX has provided insightful analyses to our clients at a fraction of the cost and time if their plant engineers did the work. Below are a few examples of the work we've done.


Heat exchanger stress analysis

BurrowX was consulted to design a model to analyze the stresses on an existing heat exchanger equipment for a client. 


Ball valve flow analysis

BurrowX has used Computational Fluid Dynamics to simulate the flow restrictions in various valves for a client to illustrate design concerns and flaws. 


Steel Outer shell

Heat exchangers are an integral part of a production plant, and BurrowX has modeled the geometry of the outer steel shell for many clients. 

The model calculates the current density in the tank shell along with the potential distribution across the surface. This model has been used to better determine materials of construction to best fit temperature and pressure profiles for our clients.