Heat Stable Salt Reduction in an Amine Plant (6 month turn around time)

BurrowX worked closely with a previous client to stop the rapid increase of Heat Stable salts in their Amine Plant. 

The client used a Sulfiban system to remove hydrogen sulfide from their gaseous stream. Their system used Monoethanolamine (MEA) and they've noticed a 70% increase in their heat stable salt production over a two month period. 

BurrowX studied their process, simulated their Sulfiban system and identified the source of their Heat Stable salts and the reason for the increase production of them. 

BurrowX then implemented a solution within 60 days to reduce heat stable salt production and the loads on their Sulfiban system. 

BurrowX also worked closely with the client to replace equipment that was subjected to heat stable salt corrosion to protect their equipment in the future. 

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Laron Burrows