Water Removal Optimization in a Biodiesel Production Plant

In a Biodiesel Production plant water can sometimes enter the system along with the waste grease. If the right systems are not in placed to remove this water, the product quality will be compromised and unwanted glycerin will be created instead of biodiesel.

BurrowX is providing services to optimize water removal in a Biodiesel Production Plant. 

Feed Stock Composition Research for a Biodiesel Production Plant

In the design and operation of a Biodiesel Production Plant, feed stock composition is crucial to the profitability and long term operation of the plant. BurrowX performed research on restaurant grease waste to analyze the average composition of a given area in the U.S.

This composition would have been used to determine the feasibility of constructing a Biodiesel production plant in the chosen city.

BurrowX is providing consultation and services for Biodiesel Feed selection and composition analysis.

Heat Stable Salt Reduction in an Amine Plant (6 month turn around time)

Heat Stable Salt Generation will happen in an Amine System with a very dirty Sour Gas Stream. However, it is the job of the Engineers to reduce the rate of Heat Stable Salt generation as much as possible to reduce the economic load on the Overall plant. 

BurrowX Studied a Client's Amine system using Monoethanolamine (MEA) to identify solutions to reduce the rate of their Heat Stable Salt Generation.