Turn Your Thermal Waste Into Electricity

Compact Design and Simple Integration

We take your thermal waste, and turn that into electricity for you. Our system seamlessly integrates with your existing process to produce up to 40kW of extra energy.

If your process produces extra steam, hot water, hot oil or hot gases we can turn that into electricity with our thermal recovery systems.

We install, monitor and maintain the equipment while you get the added electrical benefit.

Calculate how much electricity we can make from your thermal waste.

Immediate Reduction in Electrical Cost

Immediate reduction in electricity by using our energy recovery system. We take your thermal waste, and turn that into electricity for you. For allowing us to do this, we guarantee you a lower electrical cost than your current supplier up to 50% lower!

Zero Money Down

One of the biggest obstacles to new innovations is the capital cost required to get the benefit. We want you to experience the benefit of our innovation the day we go online. We design and build your system for no money down.

No New Learnings

You're the best at what you do, so keep doing that! We will operate this system with no added headache to you or your employees. No need to learn new processes, stock new equipment or hire new staff just to maintain and operate our system. We do it all remotely.

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National Support & Protection


Project support by the United States Department of Energy, and Advanced Research Projects Agency and Energy.


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Reduce your carbon foot print with more efficient use of your thermal waste.

Boiler Blowdown

Blowing down your boiler is an important operation to ensure that you are generating high quality steam without harmful contaminants. To do this you end up blowing down high temperature water, what if you could recover the energy from your blowdown and generate electricity from that too?

The Andros system can be installed to recover the heat from your blowdown and turn that into electricity based on the example below.

Blowdown Application.png

A 600,000 kg/hr steam boiler can blowdown 1,200 kg/hr of water on a continuous basis. This can produce up to 70kW of electricity depending on the Andros model used.

Steam waste

1.2MW of Extra Energy