Ammonia Plant Design

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Aspen Simulation

BurrowX was contracted by a Texas based Ammonia producer to simulate its desulfurization facility in Aspen.

Ammonia is produced basically from water, air, and energy. The energy source is usually hydrocarbons, thus providing hydrogen as well, but may also be coal or electricity. Steam reforming of light hydrocarbons is the most efficient route, with about 77% of world ammonia capacity being based on natural gas.

The natural gas is delivered as dry gas containing a maximum of 40 ppm by weight of sulfur, which is a poison for the reformer catalyst. The desulfurization unit reduces the sulfur content to about 5 ppm by hydrogenating it to hydrocarbons and hydrogen sulfide and then absorbing the hydrogen sulfide in zinc oxides.

Simulating this in Aspen showed the client where they can improve their operation. All simulations are done using ASPEN Plus an industry leading software in Chemical Engineering and Process Engineering Industry. To have your system simulated with this software contact us here.